Joker Side Hill Suite In order to provide all day entertainment and sports activities, our animation team, which includes senior, professional and licensed instructors, will serve you.
During your stay, you can participate in sports events like Yoga, Zumba, Step, Pilates and Aerobic for free and at the same time you can protect your form while you are on holiday.

You can participate in fun pool games such as water polo, water gymnastics, swimming contest, you can enjoy the sun with your ice-cold drink by the pool, accompanied by beautiful music that our DJ has selected for you.

Darts and table tennis games are free of charge in our facility and are offered to our valued guests.

Apart from daytime activities, some evenings with special programs and games will be together with you again.

Of course you have not forgotten your children; Mini Club, which is under control of our diploma child development specialist, is a field where your children can learn new things at the same time while having fun and spend time with happiness.


The Mini Club, which is a diplomatic pedagogue (child development specialist) supervisor and will organize educational and entertaining activities according to age groups, will ensure that your children spend quality time throughout the day.

Competitions: This activity, which children can spend time with teamwork and fun in competition, is a very beneficial investment for child development and makes them happy with small gifts.

Mini disco: Dancing and music accompaniment enthuse children. With the help of costumes, the animation team takes on different characters and increases the amount of fun. In this half-hour event, a maximum of 8 dance actions will be performed. Children who win medals at competitions are given a gift.

04-06 Age Group (mini)
07-11 Age Group (midi)
12-16 Age Group (teenager)